High School Programs

Adult HS Diploma/HS Referral

Adult students can earn credits toward completion of a high school diploma under the guidance of an instructor and support staff. Coursework is offered in small group instruction, computer aided instruction, and individual study. For more information on the requirements for the diploma, please visit: Adult High School Diploma

High School Referral (HSR) is a self-paced, guided-study program designed to allow high school students the 
opportunity to retake classes to earn a higher grade and make up credits. Students must be currently enrolled 
in high schoool and have parent and counselor consent to participate. For more information on the HSR program,
 please visit:  High School Referral
Program Certificates
Secondary EducationCertificate of Competency
HS Algebra 1
HS Algebra 2
High School Art and Creative Expression
HIgh School Art 2
High School Biology
High School Chemistry
High Schools Civics
High School Computer Technology
High School Earth Science
HS Economics
HS CAHSEE Preparation - English Language Arts
HS CAHSEE Preparation - Mathematics
HS English 1
HS English 2
HS English 3
HS English 4
HS Geography
HS Geometry
High School Health
HS Integrated Math 1
Integrated Math 2
High School Typing Keyboarding
High School Music Appreciation
High School Physical Science
High School Planning and Guidance
HS Pre-Algebra
HS Psychology
High School Reading
HS Sociology
HS Spanish 1
HS Spanish 2
HS Study Skills
HS United States History
HS World History
High School Expository Writing
Literature/Writing 1
Literature and Writing Fundamentals 2
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