English as a Second Language

Classes and programs are available for English language learners at all levels of proficiency, from low literacy to advanced and ready to transition into credit or career pathways. Classes and services include:

  • Orientation and assessment for level placement (Pre-Level 1 – Level 6)
  • Core level classes focusing on integrated skills (grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing)
  • Skill-focused classes (Speaking Pre, A, B, and C; Writing Pre, A, B, and C)
  • Specialized courses (TOEFL preparation, Citizenship preparation)
  • Transition to credit and/or career training program (VESL Career Paths)
  • Supplemental ESL workshops, tutoring, and conversation groups
  • Academic and career counseling, educational planning, and annual career conference
  • Workshops and classroom presentations on college and career options

The ESL office and registration services are located in the Language Center, building 66. For more information, please contact us at (909) 274-5235.

Program Certificates
ESL - Beginning LevelCertificate of Competency
ESL - Intermediate LevelCertificate of Competency
ESL - Advanced LevelCertificate of Competency
English as a Second LanguageCertificate of Competency
ESL - Pre-Level 1
ESL - Level 1
ESL - Level 2
ESL - Level 3
ESL - Level 4
ESL - Level 5
ESL - Level 6
ESL-Speaking for Beginners P1
ESL - Speaking A
ESL - Speaking B
ESL - Speaking C
ESL-Writing for Beginners P1
ESL - Writing A
ESL - Writing B
ESL - Writing C
Citzenship for Naturalization
TOEFL Preparation (Teaching of English to Foreign Language Learners)
Career Life Planning

VESL Career Paths is a two-semester program designed to prepare advanced ESL students who have COMPLETED Level 5 or Level 6 for academic and career success.

VESL is for students who:

  • Need more language and work skills for better job opportunities
  • Want a college degree but need to improve English and study skills before transferring to credit
  • Have a college degree and work experience from native country, but need to improve their English so they can earn a vocational certificate or pass a board exam
  • Need more English and computer skills in order to be more active in their family's life and in their community

Students who complete the VESL program:

  • Increase English proficiency
  • Gain experience using computers
  • Learn how to design and give media presentations
  • Develop job search and interviewing skills
  • Earn certificates in keyboarding
  • Earn a certificate of completion for VESL 1 and VESL 2
Program Outline

VESL 1 (1st Semester)                                      

  1. Computer Keyboarding (VOC CS11)                      
  2. VESL Speaking C  (ESL SPKC)                                          
  3. VESL Writing C (ESL WRTC)                                                 
  4. Career and Life Planning (BS CNSL5)

VESL 2 (2nd Semester)

  1. Microcomputer Applications (VOC CSB15)
  2. English (AMLA or credit English OR an elective (counselor's approval required)

*NOTE:  Students are required to take ALL classes in the VESL program together.

COST:  The VESL program is free, with the exception of course books and campus parking permit.

Counseling Services:

The ESL Counseling Team offers academic, career, and personal/educational counseling to assist current and prospective students in developing their educational plans, coordinating their career goals, and navigating the American educational system. Students are encouraged to visit or call the office for appointments; walk-in appointments are also available. Some services include:

  • Providing orientation and educational planning to noncredit students
  • Defining values, skills, aptitudes and abilities for the right career choice
  • Exploring careers of interest and pathways leading to them
  • Providing workshops to help transition into credit classes
  • Researching license, degree, and transfer of units/credit
  • Finding referrals to campus and community resources

For more information, call (909) 274-5232 or email at ESLCounseling@mtsac.edu.

Learning Resources:

The ESL Department offers a variety of learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom in order to help support students with development of effective English communication and lifelong habits of learning. Some of these services include:

  • ESL Library reading and writing material for all levels and available for check out
  • Workshops on special topics such as learning styles and vocabulary development
  • Language Learning Center open lab for independent practice
  • Tutoring services in grammar and writing
Language Learning Center

Mt. San Antonio College’s Language Learning Center (LLC) provides faculty guided, as well as independent, learning opportunities for ESL, AMLA, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Sign Language. Located in the Learning Technology Center, Building 6, room 264, the LLC serves both credit and noncredit students learning a language. Users of the LLC may register year-round. Offerings include:

  • Interactive language software in all supported languages
  • DVD’s, videos, audio recordings
  • Pronunciation software
  • Computer Aided Testing (CATS) for the FFA and other licensing boards

For more information on the LLC, contact (909) 274-4580.

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